Monday, May 9, 2011

Mama's Day

We celebrate every year, and my family members would surely mention about the accident I had 4 years ago (because I had a car accident on Mother's Day).

You're gonna love my family, and ask if you can join my next family gathering after looking at those foods.
We didn't order the foods, all are cooked by the women in the family.


chicken wine

Prawn Tiger salad

Hainan chicken rice and fried mee


toufu hua


Corn Soup


Asam lady finger

Still thinking whether these are really not ordered from restaurants?

It's true! All made by the Chua Family!

Every year we will definitely eat this fruit cake from Bakerlyn lol
Not sure why. But it's a very nice cake.

The mommies take turn to cut the cake

I kept asking Ah Be to kiss me, and he hates me after that.

Last time, I always draw a card for my mom during Mother's Day when I was a kid.

After that, I stopped drawing, and started to fold papers like stars, cranes, etc.

As I grow older and saved a lil money from the part time jobs, I buy things for her.

This year, lol, I have no idea what to give because my mom has everything! I got some samples from a skin care shop, packaged nicely, and I gave it to her.
It's more like something useful rather than a gift.

How you celebrate Mother's Day :)?

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