Sunday, October 24, 2010

Villa Mauri

Went to try at Villa Mauri. I didn't know Grazi Mauri is also Villa Mauri.
Only after 15 minutes, after I ordered then I realised, "Ei? we're at Villa Mauri?" *lui*

Pineapple + mango + honey dew melon + ......etc.... mocktail

This is nice. Bread stick +egg plant.
Love the egg plant sauce

This is the starter.
Fresh sardine with spicy tomato and avocado.
Nice, but too many fish bones inside.


Italian rice with seafood
A bit sour

It's an expensive restaurant.
Went there because I thought they have buffet of $20 per person (Eat all u can)
But it's actually $20 per dish x.x

Sexy boy of the day:

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