Thursday, May 9, 2013

Insomnia? I watch videos

I have serious insomnia, it's 3am now. I'm not sure what makes me energetic at this time, but I guess it may be because things keep running in my mind. I keep thinking stuffs like what I'm gonna do, how I'm gonna do etc.

Sometimes I feel sleepy but I don't wanna sleep, I wanna do something! So I'll always watch videos at this time, I'm addicted to watching YouTube and it's a must before I sleep. I have subscribed channels that I like, I'll check them everyday to see if they have any updates then watch them.

The channel that I for sure will watch everyday, because they upload everyday, is The Ellen Show. I like listening to Ellen, she's humorous, the guests are cute and funny, she surprises people, etc, I like everything about the show la. It just make me feel happy by watching it.

I like this kid with lots of expressions lol

I like to watch what people do in their personal life, which it's called Vlogs. Ofcourse, not everyone that I'm interested. Normally famous people, and my idol maybe. So I watch Daily dose of Bubz. She's from HongKong, she's active, cute, funny and her dogs are cute! I like the way she talks too.

She does make up tutorial too but I don't really watch them because....

...I prefer Michelle Phan's. I'll faint happy if I meet her one day. I was impressed by her Lady Gaga's make up few years ago, then I started watching her. She's so good in making up herself, and ofcourse, I like listening to her ^^ Besides make up tutorial, I like watching her favourites. Because compare to other videos, she talks more in her favs. 

If I don't feel like watching short clips, I'll watch 康熙來了. The show is funny, esp the female host.

I have the same reason of watching these videos, that is, I like listening to them, I like the way they talk. I don't really like watching those people with Australian accent, I guess. I'm not really sure if that's an Australian accent, they have heavy 'th' or 'f' sound. They sound like there's a hole between their teeth and has lots of wind coming out while talking. 

Like this:

I'm not hating people with these accent, but I just dislike watching them. It makes me headache =.="

I need to try to sleep, goodnight :)

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