Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weeks in Photos

Times flies. Today's my 14th day of holiday and soon I'll be working. 

I have moved out from my hostel. These are the post it from Shimmy, we always write messages and stick on each other's door. Sweet times~

I finally ate crabs at KL that I had been craving for. My friends didn't like it, I think it tasted good.

I've been craving for Ice Bar's mango snowflakes but don't have the chance to drop by and eat. Then I found that mango ice cream is quite easy to make so I made it and it's yummy! I ate too much that I'm kinda bored of it already, I still miss Ice Bar's!

Last 2 weeks, due to heavy rain, the arrival hall of Brunei Airport got flooded. People actually made fun of it and made a 9GAG saying "Brunei Airport is also a foot spa." lol kinda embarrassing. 

Then someone photoshopped a photo like this. I thought it was real at first but friends told me it was fake la =.= 
RBA has claimed:
"Royal Brunei Airlines has been made aware that this image was uploaded and circulated via social media after last evening's flash flood at the Brunei International Airport. Please be aware that the image of RB's aircraft partially submerged in water is edited. 
Please understand that creating and circulating an allegation such as this is considered a crime. Thus we seek the assistance from the public to stop circulating this false image."

I rarely eat breakfast, and that's why I love having a nice breakfast, the western style that includes egg, toast, orange juice etc. Breakfast always reminds me the happy times in Singapore as I woke up early everyday to take my breakfast in the hotel <3 p="">

Of course happy hour on the weekend. 

I like calling his name, very nice to pronounce like Kosa Kosa. lol

Celebrated Mother's day at a opening soon Jap restaurant, Gohan at Kiarong.

Big macaroon! 

Triple chocolate mouse from me to my mom. That is a chinese word pronouns as 'Mi', that's what I call my mom. It's supposed to be 咪, but it's too complicated for the non-Chinese staff to write. 

the mothers. 

I'm starting piano class on this Friday, excited! I never thought I would have a chance to learn piano, because my mom was being unfair that she didn't allow me to learn but allowed my bro. Nah, sad times. Since it's a holiday, with some savings and have a power to make my own decision, it's a good time to learn new stuff!


Anonymous said...

Hey ...

Do you by any chance know whether Gohan Sushi Restaurant is already opened by now?

Where is the whereabouts of the place?


EaHui said...

they said opening soon, not sure how soon. around this month I guess. it's at kiarong, the building beside Baiduri block A. that building sells furnitures too, i guess u can see it from outside.