Friday, April 26, 2013

Fun Shabushi

 We bought the vouchers from Social Deal. It was B$9.90 for a steamboat set with Chicken + soup + California Maki.

FunShabushi is located at Gadong Central, next to Lao Di Fang, first floor.

Gadong Central is now like a foods street, and it has 3 Japanese restaurants at that area. Very competitive.  FYI, FunShabushi is a Japanese Steamboat Restaurant.

The table is quite near to the seat and so it's not very convenient to move around, even for skinny people like me. Or may be because my legs are too long....err.....go try yourself.

I don't really order drinks in restaurants because I can't finish it all, either sweet or sour. But I love this!
This is Red Carpet, with oranges, peaches, strawberries. It's not very sweet, just taste good and appetizing. And I can one-go for this!

The basic steamboat set. A lot of mushrooms, vege, two mini eggs, one or two prawns, a dumpling, etc.
It would be better if they have fishballs, a normal-sized egg, etc. 


The California Maki is good.
The choices of sauce is not much.
The waitresses are friendly.
Comfortable environment. 

Not sure when our next gathering would be because we are all graduating soon and have our own different paths and dreams. For me, I'm graduating in 5 days >< 

We are so close because we are always a team in Table Tennis since high school. We are always under the same coach, if we change coach, we change together, something like that. Because we have different coaches in high school, Form 6 and Uni. 

We always join tournaments together, we cried and laughed during tournaments, we support each other etc. But because I was busy with uni, plus a bit lazy and lousy x.x I stopped joining tournaments since last year. But we still keep in touch because we stay together in hostel. And occasionally we would hang out. 

We are four different fruits with different tastes but we blend in well and make a good drink. wth lol

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