Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ikura Japanese Restaurant

Recently, there are few newly opened Japanese Restaurants in Brunei. There's another one opening soon in Kiarong around this or next month. Gonna try their foods this Sunday! But now, I'm talking about Ikura Restaurant located at Gadong Central. I never get bored of Japanese foods ^^

Private rooms.

I like this area. Looks comfortable. 

Menu is important for foods business. The pictures are actually not very clear because the resolution is low I guess. The description of the foods are bad too. I have to keep asking the waitress "what is this? What is that?" Not everyone knows what "kyuri" means.

But the foods in the menu look attractive because there are some that I never tried before. Only when I try to have a closer look to see what's in the sushi, then it's quite eye hurting. Kaizen's menu is a good one, clear and foods look delicious. 

Cheese scallop with mushrooms. 
This is not my liking. The cheese is a bit too much and everything is too soft.

Chicken maki. 
Not my liking too because it's a hot plate. It's weird for me to have hot sushi. 

This is good! Ham on the outer layer with tuna sashimi.

Scallop cheese maki. 
This is OK. It's a bit spicy on the sauce. It's quite impossible to eat the scallop + cheese + rice all together at a time for a small mouth person like me. So have to separate it.

Salmon head. 
Most of my friends love salmon head. It's something that I never thought of ordering. 

This is the best of all that we ordered. Mango + salmon sashimi maki (this kind of sushi is called maki right?)
I love anything with sashimi and fruits! 

I asked the waitress how much to spend to get this card and she said she wasn't sure. But we spent B$50+.
Then they gave me the key chain. I was well served so I felt respected lol May be I have that look, 杀气! No, Hy said it's 傻气。
Because the waitress gave me the bill, then I said "Just give to the boss."
Then when they return the change they gave me again and I said "to the boss"
They should just refer to the one who pay the bill. But after that they gave me the VIP card =.=" and I said "to the boss".
But anyway, the boss gave me the card so it's mine! yay!

52nd Vip :)

I was thinking does Japanese restaurant has a market in Brunei because I guess most of the Bruneians have used to Escapade and Kaizen, am I right? So when a newly opened Jap restaurant doesn't have nice foods, environment isn't good, etc people would start to compare and they may just prefer Kaizen or Escapade. 

Oh well, that's just my opinion. You can have a try in this restaurant, it's not bad after all. 


Anonymous said...

Hi ..

Can I know which block is it located at Gadong Central?

Same block as Yugo and Funshabu-Shi?

Thanks. xD

EaHui said...

the block in front of yugo :)

Patrick Ho said...

Someone reviewed the same restaurant you dine in here.