Thursday, April 25, 2013

Modesto Bistro & Grill

Located at Batu Bersurat. Up that hill and next to Shabulicious.

After so many months we said we want to try Modesto, finally~

I was surprised that there wasn't much customers. The ambiance is similar to Charcoal.

Can't remember the name but it's strawberry + grenadine + soda water
I love cocktails, but in Brunei, restaurants only serve mocktail. 

Scallop with cheese. No, I don't really like this. I couldn't really feel the scallop because the shell is too big. 
Around B$5

Carbonara with bacon.
This is good but too much bacon.
Around B$7-9

Sirloin with mashed potato. I like it medium/medium rare and this is good. 
Around B$30+

Hair of the day. Ok, nothing special. I just want to tell you I love buns. 

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