Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weeks in Photos

Hello! My exam is in 2 weeks :'( Now I'm rushing to finish my assignments then I have to start studying...hopefully. These are the photos of these 2 weeks :)

I wanted my nails to look like leaked paint, but it turned out just differently. 
Dinner and sing K at Yatch. 


Sammi's fans! 

Dinner with the ladies. They are all professionals *woot* 

2 Giants. Had dinner at the satay and were waiting Lily to pick us up because of the heavy rain. 
It's raining much recently.

First time playing archery and I'm bad at it :( 

Yeng le~ (Cool yea~)

My dad bought me a phone case charger. It's convenient because you can use this as your phone case, then if your phone is low batt then you press the button and it will start charging. 
Bad thing about it is if you want to charge the phone case, you have to remove your phone. Else I think it will only charge the phone and not the case. 

My dad bought me another phone case, Hello Kitty box, a bag and a super neon green dress. I'm not sure where I'm gonna where that neon dress, it's gonna catch much attention =.="
Then my dad said "It's good if you wear that night." lol

Had dinner with the girls at Mac D before we headed to sing again.

Besides party and hang out with friends, I had been doing a video presentation for my assignment, and I wonder how the others are doing. My group is gonna be presenting on this Saturday and I hope the other groups do bad in the video ><
I dislike writing words, so this video assignment is the assignment I enjoyed doing the most. And because I hate doing reports so I have to do it now! tata...

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