Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Acer Aspire V5

I got a new lappie! I have used my old one for 5 years and is very lag now. Si beh pek cek when I'm editing video for assignment, and it can't support some updated software. So, it's time! I wanted to sell my old lappie then I changed my mind because it's a gift from my dad when I was 18. 

I was so so so happy when I got my lappie, I even cried. It reminds me how I cried when I first got a smart phone. Because I'm not working at the moment (part time is not considered as working), so whatever I have now are gifts. 

Acer Aspire V5, touch screen (wuuuu)

It's a non-tangled retractable pink mouse.

It's Window 8. So there's no more Start button. This is what you see first when you on the lappie.

The desktop and settings.

The toolbar changes colour that match the wallpaper.

You can open 2 windows/app at the same time. This is when I can watch movie and check my FaceBook at the same time. Very convenient if you're chatting on FB and wanna do something else. 


Nice lights too.

It's good for playing games because of the touch screen. The games include Cut The Rope too!

The only bad thing about it is it only has 3 USB ports and are close to each other. So when a cable is slightly bigger then you only can use 2 ports. So I'm getting a USB port extension.

Credits to Dk because I didn't even use 0.1% of energy to search for this lappie. I only told him what I need bla bla bla. Then he was super hardworking to go to shops and get catalogues (because I was in Seria okay~). Guys know more about technology right? So it's the best to ask guys laah.

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