Thursday, August 13, 2009

You were a kid...

Now I know, kids are excited for their birthday. They excited for the presents and the cutting of cakes.I can't remember the feeling I had when my birthday arrived when I was a kid, but I can remember how happy I feel on my 12th birthday. That's the year I received the most presents in my life. After that, I asked my friends not to give presents on my birthday, but they can give ang pao ^^ hahah

But now, the age 19, I want to receive presents again, memorable presents.

Too many presents can eat up the space of the house, that's why some people say, "Why not ang pao?"

Went to my 3 years old cousin's birthday, even there are only 3 friends came, but they still enjoy the party. My 6/7 years old cousins know how to break dance!

I love parties, but not organizing it. It's pretty tired to prepare and to clean up. How would my 21st birthday be?

A grand one or a small gathering?

I 1st play table tennis when I was form 3. I never get to improve because I think I don't have the gene, im a sports noob. U know, people are good at different things.

And Chien said to me, quoted by Chien:

"You train (table tennis) once a year. 10 years later, you say you never improve in ten years?"

Meaningful, aint it? Hah!

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