Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Virus speaks now?

People see creepy, people feel creepy, people heard creepy. I THINK I chatted with creepy.

I was msn-ing with my friend. His Chinese (especially in typing and writing), not that good, but he replied me in Chinese.

Me: hey

Him: 您好 (how he knows 您?)

Me: Why are you speaking Chinese?

Him: 不能梅?

I wanted to see who is it by webcam, he accepted and closed it few seconds later.

Me: Are you virus?

Him: 我不是病毒。(I don't think he knows what is 病毒)

Me: who are you?

Him: 我是您朋友,你忘了我已经?(tries to speak improper chinese?)

And the next thing I think, is it possible for a virus to speak?

This world is full of technology and now virus chat!!!???? ANSWER ME!

So creepy man...

Because this friend of mine always has virus in his computer, that's why the 1st thing I think is VIRUS!

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