Monday, August 31, 2009

Au Lait Cafe

Au Lait Cafe

Adult: $16

Call 223 1901

I received a mail saying it's $12 for adult and $10 for child. =.=

I think Sungkai Buffet is a good chance of trying different foods of the restaurant (if you always order the same food)

Today they have beef chop, lamb chop, BBQ chicken, macaroni, salad, bread tart?, corn soup and drinks

I'm disappointed that the buffet does not include spaghetti

But the lamb chop is nice!

I always wanted to try their coffee, now I got the chance!

This is cappuccino with arts on top.
YH with love = Yaya and ah Hua / YaHui XD

This mushroom is part of the salad. It's like dried mushroom?

A very weird taste and feeling when biting it

It's soft like you're eating pillow

Conclusion, I don't like it

What's next?

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kenwooi said...

nice deco on the coffee.. =)