Monday, January 10, 2011

Last week of holiday

I went out most of the nights in my holiday.
I tried to go home early but it always ends up going home around 12+ or 1+ am.

I went to the charity hair show by the Koreans last saturday.
I'm being a bad audience and tried to snap a photo even though it says "NO PHOTO/NO VIDEO", because I saw someone doing that too LOL

But the audiences can take photo at the end of the show. So I think it's alright.

This hair show is kinda grand.
You'll get their $60 worth products by paying $30 ticket.

The hair show is great, the DJ, the music and the video they showed are great.
But but but......a lil bad comments here xD

1. I think the models need more training. I know you can hardly find a professional model in Brunei, but at least something. Eg, may be give more energy in walking. (okla, I know I don't walk nice, coz i'm not professional kay~ at least I had some training when I was a model.)

One of the models is good! Good in posing and the expression like very pro and daring like that. Wonder who is she.

2. They danced a bit, and I think it was obviously not synchronize. It then resulted...messy.

However, the hairs are really nice! Stunning and impressive!
With their nice dress sponsored by Deseo.
I love their POP RED (hair color).

Well Done!

Uni starts. I hate uni! I hate accounting, hence I hate money.

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