Friday, January 7, 2011

Brunei Sales

I didnt take any pictures, aiya...this posts gonna be bored~~

Consumer Fair this time has a lot of booths, they invited China and Taiwan to set up booths too. Not only China and Taiwan, but also Sabah, Singapore and other countries.

This fair is about sales, so you can see salesmen and salesgirl keep talking and promoting their products to you.

Met quite a lot of people this time, as some of my friends set up booths there.


1. I saw a leng loi who looks like a doll selling green tea and lemon tea near the entrance. U can check her out!
We bought the drinks just to have a close look of her LOL

2. A salesgirl asked "you look skinny, but you have big boobs! What do you eat?"

3. I told this Singaporean salesman who sells vacuum cleaner that I'm just a student who cant afford to buy that expensive $900 cleaner.
He kept promoting saying Bruneian is rich, so I said I'm from singapore.
He said: I'm from Singapore too! Where do you live?

4. There's a salesman selling massage thingy said that I'm pretty.
He then said "It's raining now because Ah-Mei (张惠妹)is coming". OK I don't get his joke.

So I said "yea, I'm Ah-Mei".
He "Wah, u're prettier than Ah-Mei ah!!!"

Doing sales need to be sweet mouth too!

There is Yoyo show, Brunei Cyber games, japanese booths selling snacks, etc!!

What did I bought?

1. 玛瑙 is a kind of stone. well, I bought the one for my studies, hoping to get As LOL

2. Fried seaweed from Sabah for Chinese New Year. Super tasty!
$10 for 3. But I bought quite a lot, so I asked for Free 2

3. got the samples of sanitary pad, damn expensive $27 for 3 packets I think.
Not gonna, so get the samples enough.

4. Won POP MEE in the lucky draw, but I gave back the POP MEE giving other participants chance since I don't like to eat those. *angel*

I stayed there quite long. From around 4pm to 9+pm. OMG! damn tired.
Because the girls wanted to watch the yoyo show where me and yvonne not interested in.

Consumer Fair Part 7 @ ICC
From 6th Jan to 9th Jan 2011

Brunei Bonuz Bonanza @ Batu Bersurat
From 31 Dec to 9th Jan 2011

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