Saturday, January 29, 2011

Secret in the box

Everyone has dream dream dream.
Dream car, dream house, dream husband...
and I have my Dream Make Up Box.

I always want a nice make up box few years back after I saw Ivy's.
I was searching it in Brunei for cheap and nice one, but FAILED.
Cheap one doesn't look nice; Nice one was si beh expensive.

There was one day Hua went to KL and he saw lots of make up boxes.
FYI, I'm super ngiam chiam for things that I like. I was so worry hua will choose the wrong thing. I was afraid I don't like it.
So on the phone, I was explaining all the details I want:
1. Nice pink.
2. Many small slots inside.
3. Size not too small, not too big. (Damn, size is very hard to describe k!)

I almost gave up and asked him just not to buy in case he buys something that I don't like.

The day he came back I was so excited to see my box. and here it is!!

Perfect Perfect!
It's what I want!
I forgot its RM120 or BND 120, but no matter how, it's still expensive.
My mom was "Please don't ask ur boyfriend to buy such expensive again."
I didn't ask him to buy, it's a gift from him ^^

It was so empty last time, but now it's super full.

I can't bring it up and down to Bandar, it's heavy.
So I have this small bag to put all my MUST cosmetic.

What I have in my box?

I dislike Face Shop eyeliner, it's soft and easy to break.
I haven't try the Beautifulu eyeliner yet.
I like these kind of eyeliner, which u twist the back of the eyeliner like a lipstick.
And u don't need to sharpen it.

The best eyeliner I used, Artistry!
I like coz it has a blender behind, in case u draw it wrong or u want to smudge it.

This is no-brand eyeshadow (means it's not branded like MAC or Anna Sui)
Can see from here, I use black a lot.

Love all these mascaras.
Face Shop mascara is worth to try. It lengthen and volumized. GENG one!
The 2nd from the left is a Japanese brand, doesn't work on my upper eye lashes, but works good on my bottom's.
You know Maybeline Magnum is good! It raises ur lashes high like singing national anthem.
Artistry is good in volume, lengthen, and last long.

I normally put more than one mascara, Artistry/Maybelline first and Face shop the last.

Concealer is a must on my stupid bad skin.
I normally use Face Shop because they have liquid concealer.
Which other brand has liquid concealer? Anyone knows?

I have many of them. I have more on my table, but they didn't join this photo.
I can't throw it away because the stick concealer is si beh tahan one.
Liquid is more faster to finish.

liquid concealer.
I was so headache when Face Shop was out of stock for more than a month, and chinese new year is coming!
I went there again last week, still no stock but they have a new brand named "Face it".

this is suppose to be eyeshadow, but I use the dark brown as eyebrow color LOL

My favorite party color!

I used to like this, but when I have a better eyeshadow, this is being ignored ^^

Yaya love fake eye lashes ba!!
My brother used to ask me why I have eyelashes and I still buy the fake one.

I mom bought me this blue + gold XXXL eye lashes.
Didn't get the chance to use it yet.
Any more Gaga theme party?

Love this most, like Gyaru (japanese girl)

I wear this to small gathering or not very grand parties.
Coz it looks simple.

my only bottom eye lashes.
seldom use this.

I bought it wrong, didn't realise it's 11mm, si beh long.

Theme parties!

I normally wear the simple eye lashes + this.
It looks very nice.....on me ^^

I'm a lazy person, so I seldom use fake eyelid.
Normally use eyeliner to fake it.

Primer works good before eye make up.

I don't know how to use this color ah.
It's Laneige Snow Crystal Eyeshadow.

the thing for eye lashes.
This is cute, but not friendly.

this ok, more friendly than the orange, but still not what I want.

I don't have lip stick, only lip gloss.
Love the laneige lip gloss, taste sweet and sweet color~

Oil cut balm from face shop to control oil.

Elianto Make up set.
The black blusher brush is from Face Shop.

Free goodies from Face shop for purchasing more than $39.

I'm a person who need to make up to be pretty, I'm not naturally pretty.
I look disgusting without make up.
You can see my disgusting look in Uni or hostel.

Without Make up I look like this:


OH MY GOD isn't it?
Well, if you love me and want to be my hubby in the future, bear with it!

There's a joke like this:
One day this couple want to have sex.
The wife requested "hubby, can we on the lamp tonight?"
The hubby agreed and had a request too.
He said "honey, then can you put ur make up on tonight?"

See how make up is important?
See how much guys love those girls who have their make up on?
Guys love to say "I like girls with clean face."

Ya right!?

But they love SNSD.

I have a bad skin, and ofcourse I wish my partner accepts it.
Anyway, I'm gonna laser few years later WOHOO!

Me with make up:

No photoshop at all, coz I don't know how.
I only know how to edit the background colour nia ^^

Asta la vista!


Anonymous said...

Wow, That's a pretty train case you have! So big! Wish I have one like those, mine is only in medium size. Btw, what is the brand of the primer that you use?

雅雅 Yaya said...

it's elianto primer ^^