Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another busy sem

This already happens in the beginning of the semester.

In the beginning of every new sem, before we start making friends with the module, the 'gossips' start to attack us.....

ok, very bad description. What I mean is, before we start having lectures, we already receive assignmentS!

I'm chosen to have internship for my 3rd year.
Well, if I'm self sponsored, there's a possibility that I can do Student Exchange Programme (SEP) just for 6 months.

I said "6 months SEP is better than doing 1 year of master."
OK, ofcourse, logically, master is better than degree la~
But, master has requirements, may be you need to have high GPA.
And, since I have a chance to apply SEP, why not? Who knows I bo-lat (no energy) to study master anymore.

I got a part time work... always since I was 13.

Well, I actually sent my CV to A+ tuition school.
Guess I'm not gonna work there, tuition school's time is kinda fix.

I'm currently working with Blacksnail. Only work whenever I'm free.
And it's enough.
++ si beh a lot assignments.

My life now...
all about...
Part time work...
Watching HK seires...
chill with friends...

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