Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011


Well, my 31st Dec 2010 supposed wasn't like that. I planned something, but can't make it.

So damn bored staying at my home. Man!! it's the end of 2010 lets do something ba!

Some friends were celebrating in another country, some went to Miri.

Alright, lets go up Bandar and have my phone fixed LOL (bored till like that)

Called CJ and our night begins!

We horned outside his house and called his hp for about 20 min.
This 'sleeping god' finally woke up and opened the gate.

Love this

I love how's more. His shirt written:

Please ask your boobs stop staring at my eyes

Cj went back to sleep and we started to jump his bed.
Off the lights, Volume up his speakers and on the song "Fly like a G6". LOL

He was "I don't understand why did I open the gate for them."

Lui people do lui things

I regret wearing this in the new year.
I should wear something bling ma~

he was up and showered.
This is the ugliest pants I've ever seen!

Went to Empire Hotel. The parking lots were WOW full. The roadside was WOW parked by cars till almost out to the highway (I'm serious).

Autrium was very high!
Live bands and lights were WOW and high!

Waiting for the fire crackers at the poolside.
Was nice and big and very 3-D.
But other countries' made me eyes drop! I wonder how much $$ was burnt.

went to villa and buh-bye

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