Tuesday, January 25, 2011


In one week, I heard my friend's father had passed away due to heart attack and a friend was having coma.
And this friend of mine have passed away this morning.
Not very close to her, but I feel sad too, the pain in heart~

This is the only picture with her.
Was performing together for her grandparents anniversary.
Err, ya, suppose if we practice dance together for a month, we may be close and talk a lot.
But nah....we didn't talk much.
I was very quiet few years back.

It was sad to hear she is suffering.
It was pain to see when she is in pain.
but now she has relieved and doesn't need to suffer anymore.
May be enjoying in another world.
may be online is another world checking her FB messages from her friends.

People are afraid to lose when they got something.
My grandpa passed away and it was sad.
I hope things like that won't happen in my life again, but it's impossible.

because life's short
because 人就是会生老病死

Talking about life's short and I remember this advert:

friend, rest in peace

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