Saturday, December 15, 2012

Seria Supa Save

So the Seria Supa Save has just finished the renovation. New concept, new style, new design.
During the first few days, everyone is so kepo wanna see the new Supa Save until they parked at the roadside =.="

There are other stores, including Coffee Bean, are going to open soon.
Is it a good idea to have 2 coffee bean in a small KB? hmm...

The air-conned washroom.

The interior is similar as Mata-mata's.

Another yogurt lover.

This cheese is so big okay, costs $100+

After a while I saw a bigger one! Very heavy too! 
I wonder what's the big cheese for. For restaurant?

Ling asked me to take a photo of this, because it's her fav.

Nothing special la, it's still a supermarket. 
The only differences are they have other stores, have washroom, and much more colder. 

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