Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dooms day, 2 days away?

Dooms day is just two days away, believe it or not? Everyday the news channel will report related news like, how people prepare for the dooms, what are the latest news the researchers have found, how the Mayan pray for the dooms day, etc.

Some professors from the Taiwan believe that dooms day is not coming anytime soon. For me, I'm not really afraid right now. Before, yes, I'll research everything about dooms day, read the articles and calculate the probability of how true it is, and I cried every night. =.="

As I watch the Taiwan news everyday, some related news are quite funny. You guys should watch Astro Channel 317 at 1pm or 9pm, and Channel 316.
Some people are building a safe place to hide from the dooms day and the people are making money from it.
There's one restaurant in Taiwan that offers free Mee Sua if you say "Dooms day is coming, can I eat your Mee Sua." It's like a password lol
There's a weather app that shows fire balls on 21st December 2012 representing the dooms day because rumours of fireballs are destroying the earth one that day.
Many many patterns la!

On that day, it's also a Chinese festival 冬至 where people eat the round dumpling, "tang yuan".

Anyway, no one knows what's gonna happen on that day. I hope nothing bad is going to happen. May be you can now do something that you have been wanting to do before you regret, naked on the street? :D
Maybe you can say I love you to your family and the love one.

Photos last weekend
I'm EaHui and she's YaHui.

Dancing king of the night and the fans.

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