Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Morning in JPMC

I have been wanting to have a cervical vaccination since last year suggested by my dad, cousins and friend.

Since I'm having a week holiday now so I went. Lucky I didnt took it before my semester break, because my arm feels pain ok! So not convenient to do everything, only can do it with one hand.

I have been thinking to take this vaccination in JPMC or private clinic. Because JPMC is more expensive and I wonder what's the reason for that.
Was worry may be quality of the vaccine is different, but I asked my doctor and she said "there are only 2 companies who produce the vaccine for cervical."
Guess that's mean no matter which clinic u go, they may have the same quality of vaccine.

The first person I saw when I arrived in JPMC is the boy who opens the door for u like a bellboy.
"oh, so that's the reason why JPMC is more expensive?"

This is the 2nd thing I saw, the interior design. It doesn't look like a hospital OK~
"oh, so that's the reason why JPMC is more expensive?"

And a very nice looking bakery.
"oh, so that's the reason why JPMC is more expensive?"

My appointment was at 9.20am, like usual, I only arrived at 9.20 am. I was actually asked to register at 9am.
I just love to sleep

I need to pay $10 for registration. "ha? registration also need to pay? :'( *yuk cek = heart pain*"

At least the service was fast.
I don't need to queue, and I wasn't the only patient.
But well, I didn't wait too long. And I didn't have the time to read something too, may be the brouchers on the table, or the magazines on the shelf. No, I didn't have time to read those for the 1st time in my life going to hospital.

I gained weight from 38kg to 39.5.
However, hmm, I thought I was 159cm, but this morning I became 157.3cm.
I'm happy with my height actually, I have standard height, since Asian guys aren't tall like the ang mohs.

I was consulted to know more about this vaccination.
There are 2 kinds, so I went for the more expensive one around $400+, which not only prevent cancer, but also prevent warts when exposed to sex.
This cancer may be caused by multiple sexs, your partner him/herself or u yourself.
I forgot to ask the doctor whether these diseases will spread if the couple use condomn.
This consultation costs me $75. So good to earn being a consultant, I'm gonna consider being a consultant, just to talk about few things then $$$$$ coming in.

I was so brave to sit on the chair ready to have the injection on my arm and I didnt feel scared.
But dang, I saw her doing with the needles.
I was OK when I was injected in the beginning, but the nurse started to push deeper and deeper. She said "ok, I'm going deeper now~" "GOD~~~~~~~ *start to cry*"

So embarrassing as a 21 years old cha boh, I still cry for injection.
Wonder if I would still cry when I'm a mother.

I'm feeling a bit pain and numb on my arm now.

And this vaccination is for life! Just 3 doses, and you don't need to inject again till u die.

Girls, consider this vaccination although it may be costly.
But for the sake of your health, yea!


Anonymous said...

did you go for a papsmear first or something prior to this injection?
and also, does the vaccination have any side effects? tq!

雅雅 Yaya said...

no, i didnt have a papsmear. Inject straight away...

according to the doctor, it does not have side effects