Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Still like always, I'm very busy with my uni life!

But i'll always just make myself off at the weekend to hang out with friends, or watch movie at home.

2 childhood friends of mine came to bandar and looked for me. If you stalked me in FB, you will have seen these pictures. hehe
These weeks I just can't stop laughing when I start to laugh! Which is a good thing to me, but to my friends, they would say "can you please stop laughing?"

Mal, Eldy dy, and me
I was photogenic that day.
Good hair day, good skin day~

K-Box updated their karaoke machine to touchscreen.
I didn't play with it, because the 2 guys were those who did the singing, and I did the laughing.

Brought them to Snowhouse since Eldy never been there.

We were excited whenever we took a nice photo with everyone in the picture.
We are good in self-shot ^^

OK~ this moment was one of my happy moment in life, where we are able to have reunion.
You know, you have a lot of friends, but how many of them are the true friends? who stay in touch with you? and most importantly, those who don't back stab you.

I actually don't mind when people back stab me, but I'll just feel sad.

It's so hard for me to look for some of my friends, may be they don't want me to look for them, or they have new group of friends and don't wanna hang out with you anymore.
There's a friend of mine always complain that I don't look for him, but he never reply whenever I sms him =.=

I'm lucky that most of my friends are nice, or should I say, at least I didnt get bullied by my friends.
The only bad experience I had is when I was in KK with my friends. One of them came and told me, "hey eahui, u know, XXX behsong you."
And I cried so hard and kua jang LOL
And I went to say sorry to her, but she said "I never say such thing like that."

However, the trip to KK was so bad because was spoilt by one of the girl.
I will never go travel with this girl anymore.
This girl doesn't know the definition of "Travel" and the definition of "childhood friends" and the definition of "人情味".

So, that time, we, whole group, didn't eat, shop, have fun with her.
We only see her in the apartment when when we done our day. HMPH!

Sometimes she asks for my help. I should consider not helping her anymore. LOL
There's no point helping someone who don't even care whether you are alive or die. right? ^^

Chua family is going to Taiwan later,
leaving me here spending time with assignments.

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