Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hachiko: A Dog's Story Trailer

The best movie that I've watched in my life is Titanic. I love the story and it is still so touching no matter how many times I watch.

Few days ago, Long introduced me this movie and kept telling me how nice it is. I watched the trailer and it looks like a boring movie. He told me that this is a true story so I read the wikipedia, yea, the story is really touching. So i decided to watch it just now during my lunch. I ended up eating salty mee soup (coz of my tears :'( )

I may not cry that hard if it's a not a true story. But it kept coming to my mind, "How can this be true? How can this dog be so loyal?"
Even human may not make it, waiting for their loved one till die.

This is another movie that will printed hard in my memory.

Download it and watch, darlings...

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