Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This week

Gonna be a boring post hehe

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LOL the room number written so small using pencil, and we were looking for it.

This Dr, a lecturer of mine, quite funny. And he talks a lot.
He calls me blonder, because of my red hair. I'm happy that he knows my hair is red, not brown like what others say~~

Hey, I watched I am Number Four. The trailer doesn't attract me actually, and I said "I don't wanna watch movie." to everyone I see lol

However, after the stress of studying the Financial Management, fine, joined a friend with his BIG group of couple friends for the movie. That really freaked me out okay~ I never seen a BIG group of couples watch movie together.

The movie not bad la, at least I didn't fall asleep. It's great to watch it in cinema, since it's an action movie.

It's been a loooooooooooong time that I didn't take pictures of me and friends. Gonna do it when I'm going out with any of them.

Recently, I'm just busy with tests, meetings and assignment. Hell lot the assignments that I have. That's what the mid of sem is.

asta la vista

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