Thursday, March 10, 2011

Be A Member Today

*photo take from rano's site*
Have you seen this advert?
Today's 10th March, 3 more days for u to grab!
And I have renewed my member card just now~

Some people want to get these awesome freebies, but don't know what to buy.
I'm a big fans of Face Shop Concealer.
If I don't buy it now, I'll buy it next time. So why not get it now since the freebies are so attractive!
The concealer costs $29.90 with 10% discount if u're a member.

2 free mask sheets and BB Cream tester

Vouchers si beh nice one. There are discount vouchers, free skin analysis and free make over voucher.
I love the Free Make Over voucher.

White Tree samples for whitening you skin.

It smells nice.


I found that it's actually the Sleeping Mask which smells nice.
I WOW when I see this sleeping mask from face shop, I love sleeping mask.
I only tried Laneige's. Now I'm gonna try Face shop's.

Stem Cell for age defying skincare

After u use the skin cares above, U will look leng like me...^^
*like I've tried lol*

"sok" like me...
Guys pass by also will say HI to you
seriously, I had the experience when a guy came and talked to me in a polite way, when he didn't even know me.
Taiwanese call this 搭讪 ^^

Introduce u this, it's nice and it's from Escapade.
Someone treated us eat, because he "fatt tak" in a sudden lol

Don't be lazy, keep yourself pretty will make yourself feel happier

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