Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I could stay awake....

Nothing much about me this week, just some pictures.

It's been a half year that I don't play table tennis, my skill is rusting.
Or should I say I don't even have a skill LOL
So I just went to volunteer for the tournament to have a certificate.

As u know my best buddy came back from KL, and he left yesterday.
This time I didn't promise him to send him flight, because the last time I promised him, I ended up sleeping at hostel :D

Ah boy supposed to be there too, but damn him, always say he's tired and he went home without notice.
We bored till we just hang out at eldy's house and played Jenga.
Just me and him! @.@

Then I invited 2 kaki.

2 days I felt happy spending time with the buddies.
Uni assignments that never end make me feel tired.
The never ending argument makes me doubt whether my decision is right.
The moody days I don't know who is the right person to complain to.

I'm heart breaking too when I said something that hurt him, which I think it's right to hurt him and ask him to go away, at least he may feel happy without me in his life.
I understand when he starts blaming and scolding me saying that I'm selfish, but what to do? 长痛不如短痛。
but who can understand that I really need time to heal?
I need time to make myself think "having a relationship is something happy, not....."

OK, I can't explain in words how I'm feeling now.
I just want to be moody-free.

Next week, UBD is organising Enterprise Day, where, US, being 2 days of entrepreneurs.
A very economy entrepreneur ^^

The only thing we worry about is the number of visitors. Hope it's not gonna be little!

Will blog about the Enterprise Day next week...

Remember to come to UBD and support my booth!

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