Saturday, March 12, 2011

Clara International

I used to do facial at Miri V-Beauty around 2020. Well, guess I can't go down that often anymore due to some reasons.

I've been searching good beauty salon that satisfies me and most importantly, they can solve my skin problem. I've tried Almost @ Paradise, my friend's, etc and I don't really like it in terms the way they do it.

Some beauticians try to persuade you to buy the expensive products or do expensive treatments, but the skin problem does not solve. I met a beautician, who loves to tell me how good the product is and asks me to buy buy buy.
I told her, "the product you introduce me last time, makes my skin worse and my skin was so dry."
she replied, "OH! because u haven't try all the products yet."
Hello~ only if your products are free, then it will be possible for me to try all. Beautician like this just can't persuade me, and makes me lazy to continue listening to them.
Products may be good, but may not suit everyone.

And one more thing this beautician makes me really cannot tahan is, she is not flexible and argues a lot.
Normal salons trim your eyebrows for free if you do facial there. However, this beautician argues a lot when it comes to money, even when I was the loyal customer there.
It's normal that a customer says "hey, since I do facial just now, discount a bit for the treatment la."
She will reply "cannot discount, this is cheapest already. you want cheaper is it? You go to another salon lo."

lao eh~! still got mood or not if you listen this. Let you earn so much, $10 cheaper will die meh, no free eye brow trimming somemore.

Anyway, I have heard Clara International before but the price is very expensive.
Since I'm not sure when I'm going down to miri, since my face grows a lot of things and I can't tahan anymore, since I can't find other better salons, FINE, I'll try.

I searched about them, and read this article.

It sounds good when I read:

"All beauticians in the branch received certification from the Clara International Aesthetic College, Malaysia's first beauty academy established in 1977 with the primary aim of enhancing beauty knowledge and skills in its students through comprehensive and extensive training and development in the beauty industry. "


" its treatments is that there is no squeezing, no peeling, no bleaching and non-surgical - hence leaving no ugly marks, no redness, no uneven skin tones and most importantly no side effects. "

I went to try this evening, and the way they do it is quite similar as V-beauty. Only that the products are different, and price is quite expensive x.x
At least I was comfortable and skin looks better.

OK, cash decreased again, damn it!
Thanks god that you are born to have a smooth skin. Pity me...


Anonymous said...

Hi. Are you still going to Clara kb to do facial? How much did u pay?

雅雅 Yaya said...

i seldom go .they have packages mayb 4/5 times $400+ 500+ or more. depend wat kind of facial u do