Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Eat is the happiest thing in life

I'm always lazy to drive to Kiulap and have a groceries shop. Hoping that someone could just drive me there.
Friends would say, "Go to Giant la..."

But I don't like shopping at Giant because I think the vege there are not fresh.

However, I'll always feel happy after having my groceries shopping, I would just throw everything I like into my trolley. What I have bought are called Impulse Goods (lol, learnt it this evening in my lecture, it means goods that you purchased without thinking)

I know I know, the things that I bought just now shown in the picture above are all unhealthy foods, SO WHAT!!!!
As a uni student, si beh lot of assignments, sleep late wake up late, don't even have time to eat, so, this is when all the instant foods come to the rescue!

Anyway, I also buy healthy foods ok. I eat cabbage almost every night, healthy enough?

And if u know me, and you're thinking "Ei? I thought eahui doesn't eat chips."
Yea I don't, one packet of chips took me more than a month to finish, that's fine, it won't damage my skin that much. I don't wanna eat instant noodle that much, so may be would eat some chips OK~~~~ 不过分好不好~

I was happy, but the night class from 7-9pm and meeting later 10pm-1am just make my mood down.
Stop mentioning dooms day if we can't even run away from that! I'm so scared of dying :'(

I pray for the people in Japan, hope everything is fine,
hope the disaster would stop.
U know what I want to say ~~ *love*

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