Monday, August 15, 2011

Do it when you see it

Every Monday would be a very interesting day for me because that's when "Photograph Journalism" class is held. I would share the skills I learnt if I find it interesting.

A very important attitude of a photographer is "Do it when you see it". Im talking especially about landscape now. You think the sky is nice today then take a photo of it. If you're thinking of taking the next day, the sky may be different in terms of colour, shapes of clouds, etc.
If you think that girl is pretty, praise her, who knows the prettiness only stays for that day because the spell is going to be expired! [ok, whatever lol]

Few days ago, I just did "Do it when you see it". I actually wanna twitter it but I was out of credit.

It doesn't look special here, especially when I took it using my 8mp-but-doesn't-look-like-8mp phone camera.
The moon was round and big and looks low in "reality". However it looks small in the photo.

So, when are you going to see a moon like that again? So, do it when you see it.

My assignment this week is to take a photo of a landscape. Hmm...I have one idea in my mind already, hope it works.

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