Thursday, August 18, 2011

The worst of me

Back to 10 years ago, when I was a teenager, the time when we all are growing up and the time we started to know how to make up ourselves.
At that time, I didn't think I was that ugly because there were still some guys proposed to me, but now it's a OH-NO to me. I looked terrible @.@

In 2002,
when I was 12,

I'm the left. Yes, I was chubby and still wearing the geeky glasses.

In 2003,

when I was 13,
I thought I was beautiful with that hair style.
This was the age when I started to have acne, and it was really horrible.

In 2004,
when I was 14,
There's actually a clearer version of this which you can clearly see my pimples *urgh*
But I'm not going to make you lose appetite.
Since this cannot actually spot my pimples, so I thought this was the best picture of the year.
And that was the age when I started vaining.

I thought I look sexy like that.

In 2005,
when I was 15,
Again, in that year, I thought this is the best picture of the year.
This was when I have my first hair rebond.

Tell me why there were still guys like me when I looked like that?

Then I cut my hair like that @.@
and I started to wear contact lens.


In 2006,
when I was 16,

During the prom night, I got the best dress unexpectedly.

The first time I got my hair dyed red.
After that, I start dying multiple colours.

In 2007,
when I was 17,
The first time I got a crush on a guy.
I highlighted my hair pink.

I then cut my hair like that.

And I got a sweet look like that.

In 2008,
when I was 18,
I liked this outfit so much.

I have my hair dyed for more than 3 colours.

The suddenly I became so wild.

In 2009,
when I was 19,
I wore braces that time.
So when I smile, I didn't show my teeth.

I straightened my hair again.

After some time I permed it .
This is the ugliest hair of my life.

As my hair grows longer, the perming part got uglier.
So there was a period I tied my hair like that and it turned out not bad.

in 2010,
when I was 20,
I removed my braces, and I have a beautiful teeth.
From that time on, I am confident to smile widely.
I started to become prettier I know. hehe

when I turned wild.

In 2011,
I am 21!!
This year, again, I dyed my hair red.
But not sure from when, I don't my hair much.

And this is the most recent photo taken yesterday.

You had your mouth opened so wide in the beginning of this post, then your mouth started to go smaller and smaller. LOL

May be you thought I looked OK in some pictures, but in real life, I tell you honestly, I don't think you would ever want my number (I mean back to few years ago).

At least I look better now, at least there are people who think I look like Jolin Tsai, some say I look like Amber Chia. lol

I hope few years later I will not laugh at myself looking at the pictures in 2011, saying the same thing "OMG, how could I thought myself was beautiful that time."

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Pondok Sari Wangi Restaurant said...

The transformation from ugly ducking to a beautiful swan.
It is a true story in life!