Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Green Earth our aim

OK, I did something that I never ever thought I would do. That is being a volunteer in 350.org. You can Google about it, it's basically about saving the world and being green.

I was told they need volunteers who really can help and willing to spend their time in this. I was always busy last time, and now I'm trying to be more relax. I'm afraid I cannot manage my time properly. Oh yea, conclusion, I give it a try la since the earth is dying, meaning I'm dying soon too when I'm not even married and seen my great-great-grandchildren. So, I join this group, 350 which is an International thing.

I just joined, and I got so much to learn from them.

"Global warming is the heating up of the earth’s near surface air and oceans, which is caused by the release of greenhouse gases, particularly CO2 and methane into the atmosphere.

We have recently witnessed the devastating effects of global warming particularly the melting of the ice caps, the irregularity of season temperatures in Europe, the rising of immense heat in Africa, and a direct example ...we can relate to, the recent flooding in Brunei. Global warming is also expected to lead to more deaths due to malnutrition, diseases causing diarrhea, cardio-respiratory diseases related to higher concentrations of ground-level ozone, heat waves, storms, fires, droughts etc. These problems will come sooner than we expected unless we start taking action right now and do our part, take responsibility in preserving our ecology and the environment that we all globally share.

The passion and realization for the need to save the earth from the current climate and environmental crisis have given birth to a project that is aimed at preserving the environment and educating Bruneians on this important cause - the Brunei Generation Green project.

An invitation from 350, a well-established organization that aims to tackle the current climate crisis, further inspired us to invite other Bruneians to take up the challenge in dealing with the current environmental issues, to create a new sense of urgency and find solutions to save our country, and our planet as a whole." - 350.org Brunei

What is 350?

We are representing Brunei. Click HERE to join our page at Facebook to support.
You can read more information from there.

We are now in the planning process. So we are planning to organize some events to raise the awareness of global warming.

Any interesting events, if got the chance, I may post in my blog too.

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