Monday, August 29, 2011

It's not exam period, and I'm stress

As the students know, UBD is not very efficient. They like you to refer here and there. Don't get it? When you got a problem, you attend to someone, that person would tell you "Sorry, I'm not the one who deal with this, your lecturer is the one." I went to my lecturer "Sorry I can't help you in this, programme leader's the one." How many person you want me to refer to?

I thought my uni modules registration had settled last Saturday, I'm finally relieved and not worrying anything about that anymore.

Today, I went to confirmed the lecturer that I have joined the lecturer, but I'm still not in the list. She responded "programme leader gave me the student list, and he said it's final."

I said "Yes, I went to the exam department, and I'm sure I'll be in the list. I want to know will be I given a grade for my 1st and 2nd week's assignment."

She " I only give grades to those in my list."

I "Yes, but now I have joined and I have done the assignment, so would I be given a grade?"

She explained a lot of things but not answering my question.

I "can you check with the programme leader to make sure I'm in the list"

She "No, I can't do anything about this. He gave me the list and he said it's final."

I told her I have registered wa!!! Then do something!!! But...

She "I don't know who can I refer to."


If a lecturer doesn't know who to refer to, what more can a student do?

I'm in the list at the exam department, but I'm NOT in the list at the faculty. Shouldn't the staffs who should deal with this and not a student?

I'm so helpless. I thought it's over. Then now I need to....what.......who can I go to? Me, as a student, I need to figure out these things which the staffs the one who should deal with it.

Student's job is to sign, to register and to confirm. We have no idea what every staffs is doing, so the staffs should do it.

You won't believe, neither I, would expect I cried after so much explanation and the lecturer didn't get a thing.

Somemore, one of the lecturers never reply my mail.

Helpless :'(

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