Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nur Wanita Buffet

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Among the buffets than I have eaten, I highly recommend Nur Wanita.
It's not as many choices as Cheezebox or Rizqun Hotel, but every of the dishes are delicious. When you eat it, you can feel how patience is the chef cooking every of the dishes *yummy*

I didn't take much photos as they are too delicious that I'm not willing to waste my one millisecond to try them and continue eating.

Fruit punch is just good.
Tom yam soup is not too sour, not too spicy. Very nice.
Those on my plates, the curry chicken, soy sauce chicken, vege, etc. What I like about the dishes are they are not very spicy and they taste just nice to swallow.

Chiang Mai noodle is not bad too.

This meal is very very satisfy. At least I feel it's worth spending on it, unlike Orchid Garden Hotel, the foods were terrible.

They have the typical Thai dessert: the tang hoon and squid salad; cakes, ABC.
They have various drinks like fruit punch, Valentine Milk, Soya bean, Coffee and tea, warm water.
They have BBQ chicken and beef. They bbq it on live!

There's this fruit named "red rubby". I'm not sure if I mistaken the name or the spelling because I cannot find a picture of it online. Carol kept "WOW-ing" while she was eating that as she felt the fruit is *indescribable feeling*.
So I tried, OMG, I can feel the indescribable-feeling too. It tastes like pearl at the outer layer which we have in the pearl milk tea, and it's crunchy inside.
They put this fruit somewhere around ABC, so I'm not sure where this thing should be eaten with the ABC.

The buffet costs $18 per adult.

Yes, thumbs up to Nur Wanita.

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