Sunday, August 14, 2011

Orchid Garden Hotel Sungkai Buffet

Adult: $23.00

1. Too crowded. Waitress even broke the plates while squeezing through the crowds.
2. It's not comfortable because too crowded.
3. Didn't take much pictures of the foods because I personally don't think the foods are tasty.
4. The foods are cold.

In this plate, I only think the lamb is OK, but it was cold too.
The worst in this plate is the balls. It tastes sour like it has turned bad.

This hot plate is not bad but still, I don't know why hot plate still can be that cold.

And here comes the pretty girls pic,

These expressions because one of them had just farted and it smells~

This is a wrong example. Please concentrate and drive safely and ignore whoever beside you who is trying to interrupt u.

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