Thursday, August 11, 2011

soon-to-be photographer

You can't imagine how excited I am when I got accepted in one of my uni modules "Principles and practice of photography and photo journalism". It's not because there's no exam, but photography is one of my interests...or may be being the model in the photo is one of my interest =.=.

I just want to learn how to take nicer photos and do photoshop.
The content of this module is interesting. We are asked to take at least a photo or max of 2 every week and write a description about it.
There will be several topics like landscape, portrait, etc.

Interesting isn't it!?

The most interesting part is the last coursework where u need to write 1500 bloody words of description of a photo!

I'm so excited about this module, I hope this is not the module which gonna lower down my CGPA lol

I wish I can get a better quality of camera next time, my current one is kinda old since technology keeps updating. I dislike the lighting of my current one, but it's ok for normal use. I'm waiting for it to get damaged.

Look at the photo above, I'm not sure the exact details of this cam but it's obvious a better quality one. I wish to get the kind of camera:
- with good lighting, can adjust manually
- not too big like those professional one
- can self-cam (oh yea!)
- may be at least 10 mega pixel (is that enough?)
hopefully a pink one
- I'm gonna choose my own cam myself and use my own $$!

You know young girl like me normally have daddy to choose the cam for you.

Since my cam sucks, I'm planning to use my mom's for my coursework, she got a good one.

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