Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unusual Miri trip

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This trip is rather different. Let me begin...

Spot the man behind sitting lonely and unhappy over there.

I bought few things, here are the interesting one.

It's the facial mask made in Korea which I mentioned in my twitter "It sounds ok when a face mask costs RM29. But when it is discounted to RM9.90, you start to suspect the quality."
When I was going to pay, I didn't know there was a great discount. I was shock it actually cost less than BND 5.00
I'm gonna try it tonight and see if it's going to spoil my skin.

A lot of CDs with a total RM 80+. ok, it's not mine actually haha

excuse me, that's not wrinkle on my forehead, it's my scar.
I'm still young ^^

A very clear reflection from the sunglasses

therefore, another photo :D

The main point of this trip is paying a visit to the Miri Crocodile Farm.
First thing when you say Miri, most people would think "A zoo in a small town is not interesting."
Hmm, yes, it's not interesting but interesting + scary...for me.

RM 6 per ride per person.
A very short journey only. Kids will love it and you will not.

I'm not sure why 兵马俑 is here.

The skeleton of a crocodile.

Dare you eat?
We didn't got the chance to eat because the chef had left. So go early if you want to eat.

The life span is similar as the human's.

Crocodiles are fat and big. They obviously look strong.

They stay like that for a very long time. They don't move and you would thought they are dead.
It's a strategy for them to get their prey: "acting dead".
I was so scared that they may suddenly jump and that would really freak me out.

They don't move, and so their mouth. They open like that for a long time too wondering if they are not tired.
They don't blink too.
Aiya, they are just identical to a fake croc okay~


There are other animals too.


Squirrel moves pretty fast!

Peacock doesn't show their beautiful tail if there's no female.

Hill Myna.
They can speak and whistle. Watch video below.

Civet looks innocent.

The pond that make you wonder if there's crocodiles inside.
Ok, may be just me wondering.
Of course there's not, unless one of them have escaped from the nest.

You clap, the birds fly away.
And watch out for their poo dropping to head if you clap.

"If a Cassowary is disturbed then generally the bird will choose to fight rather than run away and it can inflict severe and fatal injuries to anyone...Cassowaries will also attack cars and will kick with their feet and stab with their beaks at doors and windows"- VinceLewis

Buy the foods and feed the horse

Huge dairy cows

Goats escaped from the cage. We witnessed it!


Ok, I know I look weird here

Wishing well

Alvin "Please, I need a girlfriend."
Lee "中头奖 please."

Watch us feeding the crocodiles with the chicken:

The crocodiles show. I guess the crocs have live there so long that they know it's their dinner time when the MC announced "Here comes the crocodile show....", then all the crocs started to move towards the lake.
Watch video below to see how the big/old crocs eat the whole chicken:

I really afraid of animals, including dogs and cats. I dislike them touching me, I'll freak out.
I was then so scared when the goats escaped from the cage, I was afraid that they gonna hit me like anytime.
I was afraid of the snake that it may chase me even though the zookeeper was there to take care.
I was afraid of the monkeys.

So this may be the last time visiting the crocodile farm.
It's more interesting and fun if you go in a big group, and the kids will make the trip merrier.

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