Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weeks in Photos

Hello! It's been good and bad. 喜怒哀乐all in a week. Nothing special here, like usual, do a little part time at home, hang out with friends, chit chatting, waiting time to pass and can't wait to make fun of the brothers at the friends' wedding and lil getaway to Kuala Lumpur. 

Went to Miri for dentist and got my pretty teeth back. 

Bought this cool stuff in Miri. 


and After. Captain America the leng zai!

I wasn't sure how the puzzle looks like when I bought, was afraid it's too easy or too difficult. It's OK, does has a BIT challenging. 

My mom saw and asked who I'm making it for, is it for my lil brother. I said "No, it's mine." She replied "ha? I thought this is for guys." Well, I like to play with puzzle thingy. I like to turn the pieces into a complete work. I like interesting/nice 3D puzzles more. There's so many 3D puzzles I saw in the shops, but not all that I would like to display because it wastes space. So I only get those I wanna display ^^

This is a puzzle too. A music box I made last time.

Iron Man

Work it Iron. Be sexy~

Then I realise when these kind of toys landed on the girls hand, they will try to make it sissy. Y.Ling was trying to make it sissy too!

It has 2 kinds of transformation. 

Iron man, FLY!

I said this is COOOOL because....

They can be combined together and becomes Iron America!
It's really troublesome to transform from one to another =.="

This is another combination where Iron Man is the main point.

They are so cool that I wanna get all of them!

My grandma is having garage sale in Seria. Selling a lot a lot of stuffs, like brooms, wash clothes tools, neck tie hanger, luggages, etc they are all cheap because we wanna clear the place. Do go and check it out because the weather is very hot, I pity my grandma staying all day long there waiting for people to come. More info in the previous post!

A dinner with le friends. 

I tried making this mug choco cake topped with Ice cream. Not perfect but not bad :)
My mom was shocked when she knew I wanna bake cake at 5+ish because it was almost dinner, she was trying to stop me or something, but I got everything done in 5-10 minutes. My mom was like "so fast!!? can eat or not oh?" lol Actually the baking process was just one minute. 

Yesterday was a bad day. Something happened and it broke my heart, I couldn't accept that whole thing in a short while, so was kinda lost my temper and control. I dislike it when people judge me when they know nothing, but they think they know everything. I was trying to explain a little but I find it hard to communicate with this kind of people when they don't even understand my main point. But on their side, they are the innocent one. So fxxx it. I wanted to explain, my tone maybe rude, when I start to find it difficult to make people stand on my side then I'll BURSSTTT! We have different point of view, can't communicate then. 

Anyway, I was soooo down that I couldn't be alone anymore, Y.Ling came to the rescue and I felt SO much better like nothing happened before that. Was like why did I feel so heart broken.

Was trying not to smile but laughed so hard after that. She wanna be anonymous here. 

Like nen-nen.

Dessert makes you happy, it's true.

This girl makes me happier. 

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