Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Depot VLO

 Went to Depot VLO again but this time I brought my family.

Caesar salad

Mushroom soup. One of my fav soup.

I introduced my mom this Fish Normandy because I really like it when I ate last time. She said not bad too.

Beef roll...something. Can't remember the name. It has a pic in the menu.

The beef is stuffed with onion, beef, tomato, etc. Not bad too! 

My brother forever order the same food in Western restaurants, Fish and Chips =.="
If Japanese restaurants, he orders Unagi Don everytime! 某D新意 (no creative).

My mom took this pic then my dad asked me "Unhappy?" No I said and wondered why he thought so.
Then I saw this pic. I didn't actually feel that my expression looked like this. Like I was afraid of the cam and say " that creature?" lol I was just normal smiling anyway. 

Time flies and it's August tomorrow! Just booked ticket and I'm flying to Kuala Lumpur next week. Yay~~ Who doesn't love holiday. 
I found a cool part time job too which the working date is next week too, it clashes. Too bad, the pay is not bad some more, interesting job somemore. 
That's it for today, goodnight :)

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