Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mission impossible going to be possible

Hello, I'm still the same, jobless. haha I'm jobless but not useless or lifeless. Here to inform you that MissFab has just updated! I'm now looking for more great stuffs and share with you guys, so do go check out MissFab sometimes.

Life is so normal that sometimes we need to go out of our comfort zone. I'm doing something adventurous and not very comfortable tomorrow, i.e. going to Miri. (you say: WHAT!!??? what so adventurous?) Although I may have gone to Miri 'N' times in these 23 years, but I never drive to Miri and I don't know the ways, not a bit! Not sure why but I just can never remember directions till I drive myself.

I can't read maps, so I'm gonna depend on a hand-drawn map by a friend lol 3 of us are going down together. I'm driving, 2 of us have no idea about the directions, another is gonna be quiet and voice out when we are seriously wrong! lol Like suiciding. I plan to go on the weekday so there's lesser cars but I didn't aware of puasa, sigh, I lazy to re-plan again because I've been wanting to go Miri since forever, I mean We.

As I grow older, more friends are getting married, feel excited for them. The more exciting part is I'm joining their creative weddings and be their sisters! Can't wait!

Sammi and Andy Lau have a movie in the cinema.

It doesn't look interesting tho, a bit disgusting. Not sure if I will watch this but my idol (Sammi) is acting! Let's see. Not a movie person anyway. 

Can't wait to step in my new life in December in Kuala Lumpur, with a lil bit of fear as it's a new place for me. That's gonna change my life, change my future. I do hope that I make people pretty for my living. That's not gonna happen that soon, it takes time. But if it really goes successful, I'll feel really grateful in my life and thankful to my dad.

Yes, that's all for today. And see if I'll be lost in Miri. lol Happy Puasa to all the Malay friends :)

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