Saturday, July 20, 2013

Caring our lips

Have you heard about this brand, Kji & Co? They have few products, but I'm seeing this World First Hours Lip Spa. I already have facial masks, lotion, foot masks, etc but I think we should take care of our lips too. I have dry lips, I need to apply lip balm few times a day. What I need is not  keep applying lip balm, like it dries and I apply, dries again and I apply. I need a moisturize lips without applying lip balm so much ba. 

This thing is indeed a good stuff, costs RM130 (promotion price) at Sasa. I was shocked  to know the price, never thought it's that expensive. But I need a better lip care so yea...and I researched about this product before I bought, and it looks good. 

It consists of 3 lip care, and it needs to be used together.
Lip Tattoo 1 is for discoloration (yes, I need this part). It lightens lip discoloration. It can be used on nippies too! 
Anti Age Lip 2 is line fillers and lip plumper (woo~). Some people ask how can lips age. It does! Compare your lips with your mom's. Aging lips have lines and not that filling I think. 
Lip Masque can be used overnight and doesn't need to be rinsed. For reducing dry, wrinkled, parched and flaky lips. 

First, apply Lip Tattoo 1. It's watery, the smell is not awful but I dislike >< Wait till it dries.
Then apply anti age 2, the smell is sweet orangy! And that's it!
For lip masque, apply it before sleep, or whenever you need it.

After Tattoo 1 and anti age 2. 
It's effective. I say so because I didn't apply properly at first, so the lip color actually changes, it appeared pink patches (the parts I didn't apply remain the same lip color), then I knew I didn't apply properly because I never thought the color changes so fast and obvious. 

This thing is too good that I have to introduce to u ladies, men can use the masque too.
Be sexy with your lips *pout*

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