Friday, July 5, 2013

Depot Vlo

I heard of Depot quite a few times but never get to know the location. I asked my friends but no one knows. Guess they didn't have much advert, did they? Anyway, it's at Kiarong, Block B. It's a German restaurant.

I Goggled the restaurant for more info, and what that attracted me is their interior design! It made me thought of Singapore again.

This is Wanderlust in Singapore. 
What does this kind of design call ah? Their materials look like recycled stuffs, antiques, without sequence, it just makes the interior me la.

Another pic of Wanderlust. I miss playing the football there, si beh feel, awwww...

This is Depot!

They have great designs in everything, including the menu. Impressive!
I was so excited to see their drinks, I thought it looks like those in the menu. Was wondering how the ingredients stay there and not dissolve together. But....

It actually looks like that la. Menu is for "illustration purposes" only. I don't really like that 2 words, I feel like I'm cheated. It's OK in this case. 
Some restaurants, for eg, shows 3 chicken wings in the menu, but they only serve one chicken wing. And when you ask them how come different from the menu, and they will tell you "for illustration purposes only" !@#$%^
The drinks are not bad, by the way. But too cold for me, because it has ice-cream in it.

Creative menu. 
Menu is really an important tool in restaurants. Nice, clear and attractive pictures can make customers hungry and excited to try the foods.

Fish Normandy. I looooove this so much! It's red snapper.
It's bit sour I guess it's the tomato, not too heavy, not too oily, everything is just right, that makes it so appetizing!
This caught my eye when I was Googling about them, and the waitress recommended this somemore. Yummy~


Happy face.

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