Monday, June 22, 2009


I- Lotus located beside Hi-way of Bandar. Mainly in Chinese foods, a bit western and no pork. The manager introduced the foods in terms of taste =.= He said a dish of meat, a dish of a bit wet and a dish of dry, this combination will make the foods taste nicer.

The foods are nice and price is reasonable, environment nice and comfortable. There's abalone too cost at least $40+. There's a place for party too!

There was 2 parties on Sunday from noon at cousin's house till night at Rizqun.

we celebrate Father's day too!

At Rizqun...LOVE buffet:

Chocolate fountain taste nice with fruits

Lamb chop, big or small, u decide

Chicken Kebab, NICEST kebab ever! Unlike typical kebab, this kebab is easy to eat with ur lips clean after u finished.

Grape wine taste nice with meat

A bit like Charmaine Sheh, aint she?

This cake will be used on wednesday AGAIN, the celebration with friends.
The green and red flowers cover the the holes of candle

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