Monday, June 15, 2015

V One Concept Restaurant & Bar

V One Concept Restaurant & Bar is a sport car themed restaurant in Puchong, Malaysia. It was a tough journey when I went there. The direction showed in Google was wrong then I contacted the restaurant to keep asking for the right direction. I almost gave up =.=

I found this restaurant online and it looks cool and interesting. However, after I went, it was quite disappointing. It isn't bad but it looks TOO good in the online reviews and pictures lol 

I'm not sure what do you think after seeing the picture above, may be it looks posh? But it was just okay.

Let me tell you what did I expect when I did the research.

1. Thinking the place is quite easy to find, but it's not. It's way behind behind those buildings. It's not that hard to find la but damn the Google map.

2. I read their website saying there's band and musics. Pictures show stage and microphone, so I expected dining with my steak and beer and music. I guess their website was outdated, there's no live band. May be before they have it.

3. I didn't put high expectation on the foods because majority themed restaurants don't serve great foods. When I was there, there's so many foods in the menu that are not available. *disappointed okay~ I came all the way lol*

4. To my surprise, there was zero people! hahah okay, fine, because I went around 6.30pm. May be there are more people late night.

5. The music they put beh classic. Like the songs in the 60s 70s. A bit not match la with the restaurant.

Overall, it wasn't that bad but it wasn't great. Oh well, a bad experience is a kind of a good experience, if you get what I mean. More pictures!

 I think this is fish. I can't really remember because the foods were just nothing special to remember about. lol I'm so sorry. 
But I remember this dish was not bad.

Lamb Chop. I'm not really a lamb person, so yea. Just so-so la this dish.

To honk honk the waiter.

 The very cool washroom with the tap water coming out from the exhaust pipe. 

Although this is quite a bad review, but it's worth a try. This is a restaurant which I would like to try but I won't go for the second time. A great place to take pictures. I enjoyed my evening there anyway :)

By the way, foods aren't expensive there, quite affordable. You can check out their website

Address: Jalan Puteri 2/1 & Jalan Puteri 4/7a, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Contact: +603 8063 8789

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