Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wolo Bukit Bintang Hotel

When I go travel, I'm more like a container/tube person. If I'm the one who plan the trip or book the hotel, most of the time I would be looking at container type of hotel. However I'm not a backpacker person. It always great to stay in nice comfy creative hotel, which I have a friend who is a pro in looking for creative hotels. 

My January trip to Kuala Lumpur, I visited Wolo Bukit Bintang hotel. Located at the busy city of KL, Bukit Bintang. It's a great location because shopping centres are everywhere, cinemas, night clubs, eateries are all nearby. next trip after Jan's I had a few nights stay at Wolo.

Jan's trip,

One of the entrances, from the cafe. 

 They have 3 types of room: My Room, Our Room and Our Big Room. This is Our Room

Behind the mirror sliding cabinet is the basin and wardrobe. 

 Spacious bathroom. To make it more exciting, you can slide up the blind, enjoy the beautiful city scenery, have a shower and be sexy~ lol

 From my room

Little gym.

Beautiful art at the ceiling and lamps!

 My stay includes breakfast too! 
My trip was so packed that I didn't have the time and energy to have a drink. Drinking at bars/clubs is always one of my must-dos when I travel. That night, I went for a foot massage instead at 2am (and I only do foot massage when I travel lol)
No drinking, didn't get drunk, able to wake for breakfast =  healthy life style!

 The breakfast was not bad la. They have different kinds of bread.

 My fav section is the egg section.

My beautiblur morning face. Obviously forced to wake up for breakfast. 

 The hotel guests would have their breakfast at the first floor, and this bakery is at the ground floor for customers.

I don't really eat bread or pastries, but theirs are so attractive and look yummeh!

 View from first floor.

Very modern right the hotel and creative. It's owned by a couple who both are passionate in arts.
The rooms price range is between Rm250-300+. 

I always look forward for my next trip but I'm not as flexible as before. Guess what, I just booked my flight ticket to few states of Malaysia which I never been before and I'm travelling next week! Lesson learnt, don't purchase flight ticket last minute, damn expensive. And hotels are full too!

Till next time. xoxo

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