Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Yupe, my daddy looks young at his age!

I know Father's Day was a month ago lol But I would like to write a post about my dad.

There's no doubt that, and everyone knows that my dad loves me a lot since I was a baby. He never scold me nor shout at me. If he wanna teach me a lesson, he would say it nicely. And I love him too of course. 

My dad is a businessman. He once said that because he's always busy at work, and only able to accompany his kids at night and on Sunday, he will always try to fulfill the wants of his kids. i.e. to buy toys his kids ask for.

I guess, it's my dad who made me an independent person because I always see my dad work hard to give us a better living. He told me that he didn't have much money left after he married my mom and when I was born. He said he worked really hard to support the family. My mom said that my dad didn't give her too much allowance to allow her to go to the salon and pamper herself. However, as years pass by, my dad started to give more allowance to my mom, he owned a shop in around 1990 and I guess that's when we are more financially stable.

10 random facts about my dad and I:

1. When I was a teen, my dad taught me that if I want to go to party, it's better to tell mom "Mom, I'm going to my friend's house for dinner." It sounds way better than the word "party". lol

2. May be it's hard to believe but my dad can weigh the luggage bags accurately by his hands. Who the hell can feel the difference between 10 and 11kg? My dad does!

3. My dad helped me out in Kuala Lumpur to make sure I have everything I need during my 1 year stay in KL. Was so upset and cried so hard when he left.

4. My dad is very generous because he likes to treat people foods LOL that's seriously one thought that comes to my mind if you ask me what kind of person is he.

5. I was looking for a job 2 years ago and I wrote my dad's company as reference. The interviewer called my dad and asked about my personality. And my dad answered " that's my daughter and  did she apply a job in your company? No need to hire her la, she's going to work temporary only!" And I went =.="

6. My dad is loving husband/father. I never seen my parents fight. He carries shopping bags for me like a boyfriend. 

7. I was 17 when I got my first bf. My dad was so angry and he talked to me so loud and said it was too young for me to have a bf. The next day he texted me Sorry, he was too stress at work, he didn't mean to be so mad at me. 

8. There was a rumor last year about someone saw my dad and a lady in Miri early morning on a Monday at a cafe eating breakfast. My eyes were so big and almost upset and hoped it wasn't real. That person who saw was asking someone else "that boss is not married yet?" Hey wait...which Monday? That lady was me! =.=" 

9. My maid asked my mom about me , "is that boss's mistress?" Oh come on!!! What's wrong with my maid thinking mistress stays with the wife under one roof?

10. Any movie scenes about dad and daughter can make me cry. Like the movie San Andreas

My dad always try to give us as much love as he can, especially to support financially. I never know how is the financial status of my dad. He supported me through university and my make up course. I asked his opinion about taking make up course in KL, he supported me. 

After that, something  came up and I need to always travel to Singapore, Miri and Brunei every three weeks for a year. I feel really sorry to my dad whenever I cause trouble especially when large amount of money is needed, I always tell myself I have to work hard to pay back him. 

I also feel thankful to my dad as he helps me whenever I got problems, especially when he supported me financially to travel every three weeks just to make my wish come true, i.e. to complete my makeup course. 

My dad is my hero and to show love, I wanna get his face inked on my body. lol Just kidding. 

Father's day and Mom's birthday celebration

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