Thursday, September 3, 2015

Trip to Langkawi

Hello babes! How are you! I miss this space. I spent a whole week of Raya at Langkawi and Penang. I'm always a happy girl whenever I go travel. Not much of my friends been to Langkawi, and I don't see much reviews too online. So I have to do all the research. 

It was really a tiring researching all about Langakwi and Penang. WHY!? Because we planned so last minute, just a week before we go Langkawi, and since it's Raya, hotel and tours are mostly fully booked!

We stayed in a small town named Cenang, which is famous in Langkawi where resorts, beaches and nature located. Then we realised there are so many tour companies at this place! =.=" Shouldn't have been so worried. 

We stayed in Langkawi for 2 nights and it's enough for us unless you wanna hope around EVERY islands and waterfalls, then you probably need few more days. 

Langkawi is all about keeping the state as natural as possible. So they don't have much buildings and it's not that developed. It's a good place to relax and enjoy the nature. 

 I stayed in Sandy Beach Resort. RM170 per room (2 Queen beds). Pretty cheap right!?
My dad kept asking me if it's trustable. Seriously I had no idea but the room looks not bad online.

Google image
Well, it looks almost like that except the two wall lamps was damaged, the bed setting wasn't as nice, it's much more darker and....urm older, towels are VERY dirty Sigh, pictures can be so deceived.
It's quite dodgy. The room is not in a building, it's like in an individual house. Beside our room is a long house where the workers stay. The door knob is like those in our house, which we can turn to open, it's so easy to break in.'s pretty scary, especially during night. I couldn't sleep till I put our luggage to block the door, in case of anything happen. 

What attracts me to stay in this resort:
- it's by the beach
-a shopping mall named Cenang Mall which is 5 min away by walking
- A lot of restaurants and bars.
- Includes breakfast =.="

Actually there's a lot of resorts la, so the places nearby are almost the same. After all, my resort is not bad because it's cheap and by the beach some more.

- no wifi
- dirty towel (better bring your own)
- tv
-no hair dryer
- no safe deposit box
Basically they have nothing but a shower room and two beds + pillow + blanket. 

OK enough of the hotel.

Isn't it beautiful waking up to this view everyday.

Dining at the restaurant by the beach.

Sun set

Outside our resort. Very relaxing.

We had one of our dinners here at Putumayo

The ambiance and the music so romantic okay~ A lot of ang mohs too.

They serve great lobsters! Look at that! So sizzling yummeh.

Oh one more thing. The weather there is so damn hot! I sweat so crazily everyday when I'm not a person who sweat easily. Sun block is so important there.

Peking duck! Awesome too!

Langkawi has a lot of duty free shops that sell a lot of chocolates and alcohols there are damn cheap! No wonder they say buy chocolate in Langkawi. Duty free shops can be seen everywhere in Langkawi.

The next day we went to Mangrove Tour. Takes place at Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, Kedah.

Been so long since I've gone to adventure with the nature. My last adventure with the nature was 9 years ago I think in KK. After that I always had my adventure in shopping centres whenever I travel LOLx. 

I booked the Mangrove Tour with Cannon Ball Travel. RM 120 per adult; RM 100 per child which includes transport from and to hotel, Crocodile cave, Bat Cave, Eagle watching, touring around the Islands, visit the fish farm, swimming by the beach and a lunch.

A bit disgusting to see so many bats. Bat Cave at Gua Kelawar.

Fish farm and the restaurant.

So many eagles!

The Gorilla Mountain because it looks like a gorilla.

In another cave somewhere around the island.

After that when we were about to leave, it start poring so heavily. We were at the ocean and using boat somemore, with thunderstorms. OMG, I seriously got freaked out. Very adventurous, what a trip.

Our lunch provided by the tour.

After that we went to the 3D museum! Features more than 200 artworks.
Distance: 20 min drive from the airport, 20 min drive from Cenang.
Opening hours: 9am - 6pm
Price: RM38 for adults, RM28 for kids. Locals are charged cheaper.


So impressed with the artworks, They look just so real.

♪ I can show you the world. Shinning, shimmering, splendid~ ♪

There's nothing much to shop at Langkawi except for getting swim wear, chocolates and alcohol. Seafood are great there and alcohols are cheap, overall is super relaxing. 

Stay tune for my next post: Penang!

See You ♥

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