Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A note to 小人

Hello outsiders (people who are not my friends or barely know me),

You talk about me because you heard about me from someone, you then discussed and gossip to other people. That's how when stories become more interesting and widely spread.

Sometimes I heard people talk about me, most of the time I ignore and never really give explanation because I think it's unnecessary, you are not my friend and it's none of your business. Because I never really explain, so people think that whatever they say is right.

It's affecting my life, I have to say.

A fortune teller told me that I need to kick out the 小人 (xiao ren = people who talk bad about you) from my life. At first, I think I never really care what people say about me. Then my second thought was, I guess it's true. These people are affecting my life.

Most of you are curious about my previous relationship. Even when it's over for a long time, people still ask. I never really talk about it because it's hard to explain what we had really been through and it's really none of your business.

People been saying how bad I treated my ex. Do you think you know everything? Is it true I treated him badly? There's always a reason/story behind. If I am really that bad, I guess my ex would hate me. But we both understand what's going on and there are things that we agree with each other. Our relationship is just between us, it's up to us how we wanna deal with it, so outsiders, why you care?

I didn't want to settle down when I was 23. But it doesn't mean, now at 25, I don't wanna settle down. People came and told me that they heard I'm playful and don't wanna settle down yet. Yup it's true, I said that 2 years ago, but that statement doesn't apply anymore.

We make mistakes. We learn from it. Whatever I did in the past, it's past. Even if my ex treated me badly, it's just between us ba. Why wanna judge us from our past? Why wanna judge us from what people say? And I believe people who always talk about me are not my friends or barely know me. Because if you ask my close friends about me, most probably they know it better.

Funny thing is, when you, outsider asked my bff about me, and she told you what's really happening and you said "No le, a lot of people say eahui bla bla bla." True, a lot of people because they spread it and they might not be updated. After all, it's up to you whether you want to listen to the gossips.

I don't mind, if you're my friend and you ask me about what you heard. If I don't feel comfortable answering it, I'll just honestly tell you.

My resting bitch face is just so not friendly, I'm sorry. I'm actually smiling but I look like I'm not *roll eyes*.

People tend to tell me to ignore what people say. It's up to them whether they wanna listen to me or the 3rd 4th 5th 6th parties. Yes, I don't need to care but they are talking about ME, it's affecting my life, it's affecting how people look at me. I just don't wish people are gossiping for fun but affect me. There was one time, it made my family worried, and that's not very nice.

Just ask me if you wanna know more about me. Don't ask if you prefer to listen to others.

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