Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Zouk Out 2015

Hello darlings! It's been months. I know I know. Sorry, I've been sick. I'll try to live up this space again. Do people now still read blogs actually? lol

I went to Singapore last December to attend Zouk Out 2015 at Siloso beach with my loves. Been wanting to join Zouk Out and finally! Normally when you go travel, you worry if the group would get along well. And we all have admitted that this trip was great, we are just very "ngam key".

We stayed at The Pod, Bugis. It's a capsule kind of accommodation, quite posh, comfortable, it includes almost what a hotel room can offer i.e. towel, shower gel, hair dryer, iron, laundry, secure key card access to your room and locker, free wifi, complimentary breakfast, etc! Isn't it awesome? 

And since we have 5 pax, we actually had the whole room ourselves. The shared washroom is very clean. Once someone is out of the shower room, the maid will go and clean it - Singapore standard *thumbs up* You can watch the video below for more info about The Pod. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

A place for your shoes. That's our room. 

Washroom. VERY COLD.

Breakfast. They have all finger foods. And they don't oil fry their foods, they oven it [healthier].

Juices and cereal.

Dim sum.

Cup noodles.

The very vain Gerald playing with my cam.

Kept disturbing us when we were grooming.

Love my hair colour. 

Met Adrian and he brought us to eat the famous local foods and visit places.

Kok Kee Wanton Noodle. Not bad. 

Tanjong Rhu Bridge.

Finally at Siloso Beach!

Met Daryl.

I fell asleep while dancing (that's so pro) as I didn't have enough sleep before that. 
But it was great and King looks like he didnt have fun. LOL joke

The rest of the days, we went shopping and eat and shopping and eat. 

Happy girl ^^ 
Damn heavy eh

I love this cafe so much! The foods are attractive, looks delicious and those I've tried taste heavenly. 
It has lots of choices. It was so crowded too.

Looks so nice~

Pork burger and mushroom bruschetta. It's sluuurpy good.

With my strawberry crepe.

We had dinner here. 
It's a ramen place, not my thing >< It's too heavy for me.

We Q-ed for around an hour. zzzzz

Hungry Gerald.

After that we visited Gardens by the Bay to watch the Christmas lights! It's a very tired trip as it was raining and VEERRYY crowded. 

The night scene on the way to Gardens by The Bay. We were crossing the bridge over this river and it was shaky! Because too many people crossing the bridge already. Scary. 

Like the avatar.

The lights are pretty and romantic!

The King Kong (Yeelan and King) were arguing about something.

The next day we went to Jurong East for shopping.
This kolo mee is the best kolo mee I've ever eat. I like the texture. The noodle is thin and just nice to eat. I forgot the restaurant's name paiseh but it's at Jurong East lol

In the hotel

Singapore night view at Marina Barrage.

I look si beh square here =.= 

With our Singapore friends. Thanks Adrian, Patrick, Nelson and Andrea for bringing us around. We enjoyed the foods and the companion. 
Thanks Gerald, King, Yee Lan and Horng for making this trip happen and awesome. It was great and I look forward for the next trip with the Shakestation group before King Kong got married with kids haahhaha

If you wonder what's a Shakestation. It's our insta hashtag group name with King, Yeelan, Stao Wei, Ken, Gerald and I. 

Watch the Vlog below and stay tune for my next holiday post! 

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