Sunday, September 15, 2013

1st GenNext Cohort, 25th Convocation Ceremony

Hello! I am finally a graduate and had the convocation ceremony on Thursday. We had to arrive UBD at 7am. Like usual I started driving at 6.30am (I stayed in Bandar that night), I normally able to reach Uni before 7am, but OMFG I was stuck in the jam and it was nerve wracking because it was already 7am! I thought it was gonna be like normal days because the students were expected to go with the parents (meaning a car for a family). But I think there were students who are like me, who went there separately from parents Anyway, I wasn't late in the end. Phew! I believe there were students who didn't make it on time because the marshal kept announcing "Please come to the reception for your attendance." 

This is actually on the day of full dress rehearsal. 1,030 students here :O

Getting ready and Hy doing my gown.

Pictures time! As we are not allowed to bring anything (including phone) on the convocation day. 
The FBEPS-ian.
FBEPS= Faculty of Business, Economics, and Public Policy.

The intelligent students, except for me.

My childhood friend, my classmate for 20 years (can you even believe that!?), very smart and always complain about my blur-ness =.="

Who you think she looks like? The first time my course mates and I met her, we were shocked because we thought she is Princess Sarah. Then she said she's not, and not even related.

The 25th Convocation day!
Was surprised to see my dad there because we were quite last to come out. Must be very tired waiting haha

 HM giving the speech and distributed the certs :) Must be very tired as he stood there for more than an hour and distributed the certs for 1000+ students. 

It took really long that I was trying not to fall asleep, but still fell asleep for a bit =.= Was so afraid because cameras were everywhere and the spot light was "spotting" on me!

 Q to receive the certs.

 2 very intelligent and outstanding students.

 Vui came and gave me bear! So sweet. The bear is handmade btw.

 Family ^^ What a nice picture here.

 Shimmy, my hostel mate who accompanied me when I had hard times/moody, we studied together during exam periods, she is able to answer me all the questions/doubts I asked, she accompanied me when I need a  companion, we wrote sticky note to each other with lovely words, etc. :)
I never thought I can get to know her more or chat with her for hours, because the first time I met her, she's very secretive and always says "NC (no comment)" lol

 Randomly took pic with Louis.

 Vui gave a monkey to Sally.

Amir, my dance mate, my course mate. 

Yvonne, who has all Y for the initials of her Chinese name. My childhood friend, table tennis mate (may be not anymore, I haven't been playing for 2 years), she's good in cooking and I had a mashed potato cake from her on my birthday because Ima mashed potato lovaaar!

I used to think high school is the best part of my life, but now I think life in uni was great too! I met lots of people during uni, I stayed with other girls and we cooked for each other, did projects together, parties, hang outs, etc. Some lecturers are fun and helpful. 

It was torturing when I had presentations or hectic course works as my level of understanding is kinda low, I need 10x more effort than the others to get ready. Even more torturing during exam periods, no matter how early I started studying, I had to read everything again the day before the exam, that made me didn't have enough sleep or I didn't even sleep x.x The good side is I did received foods from friends for energy boost ^^

During the third year in Uni, I passed my citizenship and was able to get a year scholarship (for the last year). Was really happy, so lesser burden for my dad. 

Had a really great moment in uni. They said you will enjoy more after A level, and that's true! Especially for business field students, each lecture takes 2 hrs, and trice a day, plus 1-2 an hour of tutorials. The rest of the days we can do assignments, quite relaxing. 

The end for uni life, and one step forward to begin a new life: staying in another country. Less than a month, I'm gonna leave Brunei to pursue my dream. So soon ah... >< feeling nervous. That's all for today :)

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