Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week in Photos

Hello dolls! It's been a while. I've been staying in Bandar for the Convocation/Graduation Rehearsal. So tiring ><

Welcome back and Farewell dinner at Gohan with the cousins. We have one cousin who just came back from UK, 1 leaving to UK and me leaving to KL next month.

When most of us (the adults) think this looks like nen nen, my innocent little cousin said it looks like eyes lol

Got so many foods that day from aunties and cousins. This coffee bread, mooncake and durian dessert. And gift from UK. *hands full*

The weekend me.

Dyed my hair and I am so unhappy about it and wanted to re-dye, but...nevermind, dye it next time again.
It's not the colour I want. I wanted it to be brighter but I understand when it's hard to control since I have my natural hair, black hair (I dyed black previously) and bleach. 
It's not clear from here. It actually has a lil red and orange and brown. But after washing it, it seems like getting browner :'( Brown is a color that I never ever want to dye.
Sometimes I think it looks nice, sometimes it's just meh....urgh I know it's just a hair color but I don't know why I mind it so much this time. 

Happy Hour!

Convo rehearsal. we had 2 rehearsals, and both rehearsals took so long (because we have 1000+ students)  that I fell asleep every time =.=" I know I will fall asleep again on the convo day itself . Oh no >< 

 Went to Eileen Sandwich to try their sandwich. Their style is like Subway, so I was excited. 

Their set meal. Yes I was excited then disappointed after that. The vege is too much and the meat is just a thin slice. I only taste vege :( Subway still best!

I watched Elysium, and..I didn't fall asleep ^^ to add credit to myself, I understand the movie without asking much! haha 

It's gonna be a long day later that I'm going to Miri with the girls and up Bandar to stay overnight for my Convocation this Thursday! Have to make sure I'm not late to Convo. tehee...night!

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